Our mission is to provide multiple platforms through which whistle-blowers, survivors, researchers, and their advocates may address audiences on a range of subjects that are of great concern, but have yet to pierce mass-consciousness.


Borne is an online journal exploring the landscape of systemic personal, cultural, societal, and global oppression and its impacts upon person, place, and possibility. Our goal is to invite a broad dialogue rooted in the strength and wisdom of those who have experienced first-hand the darkness of oppression, as well as its partner, the undying light of freedom in the human spirit.

The Borne Collective

Our growing collective includes supporters, survivors, activists, and professionals who join us in organizing events to help raise awareness about the subjects we explore through our Press and Journal.

Borne Press

Borne is published by Borne Press. We envision providing publishing services to authors whose work represents a challenge to entrenched power and who therefore have difficulty publishing through large houses and more mainstream outlets.