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Between Two Worlds—The Emergence of Truth in Turbulent Times

The world was our solace. Now the world is reflecting the experiences of our childhood.

Tidal Reflection by Janet Thomas

A note regarding the following: I posted this on social media and it was one of the most challenging and frightening things I’ve done as a survivor. I wrote a book about my experiences (Day Breaks Over Dharamsala), but writing a book is done in safety and solitude. Posting on social media, however, is exposure up-for-grabs. It was excruciating. But these times are excruciating. They call out for our voices in all their vulnerable warrior complexity. “Coming out” to one another helps us all. “Coming out” to the world can now help the world.

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The Keepers screenshot

The Investigation of a Nun’s Murder Delivers a Death Blow to the False Memory Narrative

The Keepers, a documentary series about the 1969 murder of a Catholic nun, is currently available on Netflix. This article contains spoilers. [Updated 9/23/2017]

The Keepers follows the progress of a devoted amateur team of investigators as they uncover a trafficking ring run by a Catholic priest in Baltimore in the late 1960’s. Victims, mostly teenage girls at the time, recount being raped not only by the priest, but a cast of shady characters including police officers and politicians. They also recount that the priest, a psychologist, drugged, and hypnotized them.  Continue reading

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New Book: Confessions of a DC Madam

Most people understand that our political system has been hijacked by monied and corporate interests, what they don’t yet understand however is the extensive level of control exercised by the national security state through much less obvious means. Confessions of a DC Madam: The Politics of Sex, Lies, and Blackmail outlines how the appetites of high ranking officials render them vulnerable to blackmail, and how strong-arming operations are covered-up by complicit media and justice system personnel.  Continue reading

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Karen Wetmore: Investigating CIA Experiments in Vermont

Karen Wetmore’s memoir, Surviving Evil: CIA Mind Control Experiments in Vermont, is a moving account of her childhood and confinement as a teenage psychiatric patient in Vermont hospitals. Like many survivors of extreme trauma, she still struggles to make sense of her experiences, but unlike most, she’s done years of investigative work, tracking down every available medical document related to her case. The records revealed she’d been treated by doctors listed as contractors of the CIA’s behavioral experimentation program MKUltra. After her book was published in 2014, she continued to ply the CIA with multiple FOIA requests. Their most recent non-response responses to her were telling enough, they claim the records she’d requested are still classified.

She says, “The Vermont press and the national press remain silent on the information I documented in my book, despite having been informed. A foreign journalist told me that he couldn’t understand why American journalists were not, as he put it, “All over this story.” Again I ask the question: What did CIA do in Vermont institutions that requires such measures to ensure secrecy fifty years later?  Beginning in September 2013, I decided to try to find out.

Read the rest of her important revelations on Fire Dog Lake, or order her book.