Who We Are: Lynn Schirmer

For this first issue, as a means to further introduce you to Borne, we thought to offer you selections of our own work. -Eds.

The works included here are typical, drawing is my primary medium, but I also paint and make sculpture.

With the exception of sculptural work, I create spontaneously, and without reference to models or prior studies. This direct, unedited, and sometimes compulsive process results in a form of psychological self portraiture, the figures representing internal states, memories, and emotion. I’ve used my artworks as a means to raise awareness about child abuse and other social issues for over 25 years. A list of recent projects and more extensive biographical information can be found on my website:

This fall and next winter I’m participating in Kate Vrijmoet’s curatorial project The Incredible Intensity of Just Being Human, an effort to combat the stigma surrounding mental illness. The next exhibition opens at Seattle City Hall on January 9. If you live in the area, I hope you’ll attend.


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